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Spencer Scarber

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Spencer founded EMI in 2022 after recognizing the urgent need for portable whole blood and medication storage in the defense and EMS industry. Spencer's experience ranges from large scale manufacturing to advanced concept development in both the automotive and aerospace industry. His time with the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works solidified his confidence in the small-team approach to solving complex problems.

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During his first co-op rotation with Lockheed Martin, Spencer worked as a quality engineer on the F-35, F-22, U-2, and various other defense related programs.


For his final two co-op rotations, he operated as an electromagnetic hardware engineer in support of classified department of defense programs.

As an advanced product development engineering intern, Spencer collaborated with industrial designers, electrical engineers, and various sub-disciplines to create prototypes for cutting edge automotive technology.

At Magna, Spencer honed his ability as a design engineer, learning to tailor his design methodologies for mass manufacturing.

Spencer's role as lead aerodynamics & composites engineer at GVSU's Formula SAE Racing Team provided him with hands on leadership experience while gaining functional experience in composites design & analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Utilizing his knowledge of mechanics and laboratory test development, Spencer developed and executed the mechanical testing protocol for a biomechanics testing apparatus that simulated the imparted force of a long distance runner.

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