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Kevin Scarber


Kevin is an Experienced Fire Officer/Paramedic with over 30 years in Emergency Services with extensive administrative, operations, preparedness, and planning qualifications. His expertise is in EMS operations, trauma care, EMS quality management, and incident control systems. Kevin derives his practical leadership experience from his role as an EMS supervisor, a role in which he was responsible for 118 personnel. A full detail of Kevin's certifications and qualifications can be found below.


During his time with the Houston Fire Department, Kevin served in many roles; most prominently as a EMS supervisor. In this role, Kevin was responsible for 118 paramedics and EMTs and directed teams specializing in incidence management, airport response, and emergency medical services. Serving as a liaison between HFD members and the medical directors, he was able to leverage the experience of first responders and medical doctors to achieve improved patient outcomes.

Kevin served as the senior supervisor of operations at North Channel EMS. Overseeing a $3.5 million budget, he successfully developed training and operational guidelines while training EMS personnel to current standards and practices. Kevin also represented North Channel in front of the Houston Community College EMS Committee and the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Dr. Manoharan received his bachelor's and master's degree in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical/space engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His undergraduate concentration was in air breathing propulsion and his master's thesis involved designing an innovative double bypass engine intended to compete with the General Electric GE90-115B. During his time at Embry-Riddle, Dr. Manoharan also studied ice accumulation in cold soaked environments, eliminating horseshoe vortex in axial turbine vane cascades, and large engine transportation.

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